All orders and returns are done at our tasting room. We have a limited number of kegs available for immediate pick-up. We recommend at least a 24 hour notice for orders. Kegs can generally be reserved for the weekend provided we receive the order by noon on Thursday. After Thursday, kegs are available on a first come first serve basis and selection may be limited.

Pickup-dropoff Hours: 11am – 5pm every day
Note: a full 5 gallon keg weighs around 55 pounds; a 13.2 gallon keg weighs about 145 pounds

The following is required:
– Valid government issued photo ID
– Must be at least 21 years old
– Either electronic or printed receipt is required to pick-up
– Hand-pumps are not rented without the purchase of a keg
– Hand-pumps must be returned within 7 days of pick-up date


5 Gallon


13.2 Gallon


Tap pump



Big Swell IPA
Bikini Blonde Lager
Coconut Hiwa Porter
Double Overhead
Imperial Coconut Porter
Pau Hana Pilsner
Pineapple Mana Wheat
Pueo Pale Ale
*Ask about our specialty or limited release beers!


Island Root Beer
Island Cola
Island Ginger Beer


A $110 (5g) or $150 (13.2g) keg deposit, and $50 tap deposit if needed, will be collected for each keg.
Deposit will be refunded if equipment is returned in good working order.


Maui Brewing Company kegs can also be purchased from our partners wherever kegs are sold in Hawaii!


  • How many kegs should I order?
  • A small 5.16 gallon keg will have approximately 41 16oz, 55 12oz, or 73 9oz servings.
    A large 13.2 gallon keg will have approximately 106 16oz, 141 12oz, or 188 9oz servings.

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept cash and/or debit/credit for both the deposit and purchase.

  • When does the keg need to be returned?
  • Short-term keg for special events must be returned within 7 days. Long-term kegs for a local personal draft system (kegerator) must be returned within 90 days and require a valid Hawaii Driver’s License and proof of local Maui residency.

  • How do I ensure I receive a full refund of my deposit?
  • The deposits are returned when the keg and tap are returned within the agreed upon timeframe and in good working order.

  • How do I setup my keg?
  • All kegs will be cold at the time of pickup. Ideally, you should keep the kegs cold to maintain proper pouring. A plastic tub, or trash bin, filled with ice is recommended for keg storage and serving. A tap is required to pour. If you are using equipment such as a kegerator follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • I’m picking up my keg in advance, so how should I store the keg?
  • To ensure beer quality, we encourage you to keep kegs cold at all times. Too much movement and warm temperatures will result in foamy beer.

  • How do I tap a keg?
  • We are happy to show you when you pick up your keg. When operating your tap, the main thing to remember is “don’t over-pump.” Pump the tap just a couple of times with the faucet open until you get a nice steady flow, then stop pumping, so beer doesn’t get foamy.

  • How long will “tapped” beer keep before it goes flat?
  • If dispensing with CO2 and kept cold, a keg will last for at least three months. If dispensing with a manual tap, your beer will generally stay fresh for approximately 12 hours.

While the impact of COVID-19 has temporarily closed our Waikiki location, all other Maui Brewing Co. locations are open for business with new safety protocols. Check our restaurant page for days and times of open hours.
Priority has and will always be the health and safety of our employees and guests. Mahalo!