Dec 14,2020

Give back to the Maui community by shopping local this holiday season! Among other businesses, Maui Brewing offers an array of handcrafted beverages, as well as apparel and other merchandise for your craft beverage fan.

Sep 10,2020

Maui Brewing Company is one of the local craft breweries where you can pick up the country’s most popular craft beer style, the American IPA.

Aug 26,2020

MBC Founder and CEO, Garrett Marrero is one of the Outrigger Hotel and Resorts Beachcomber Originals, a collection of a dozen local artisans who define the Beachcomber’s uniquely Hawaiian experience in Waikiki through visual arts, music, and flavors. As conveyed in the Beachcomber's blog, Garrett has also become a leader in the Hawaiian business scene.

Aug 04,2020

Maui Brewing Co.'s Brewmaster, Kim Brisson-Lutz shares suggested summer beer pairings for MBC craft beers. Book a Beaches & Brews Summer Tasting package with our pals at Outrigger Hotels & Resorts!

May 15,2020

With twelve craft breweries in Hawaii that are brewing with local agriculture unique to the islands, journalist Mark Stock touts two of Maui Brewing Company's beers as best of five.

Apr 03,2020

Becoming grid-independent, capturing and repurposing CO2, and recycling their wastewater helps lower Maui Brewing Company's carbon footprint. And according to the owners, "It's the right thing to do."

Mar 26,2020

Maui Brewing Co. is using its Kupu Spirits distillery to make sanitizer available in 1- and 5-gallon jugs for Maui police and firefighters, some kupuna and child care centers. Additionally, MBC Maui restaurant locations are providing up to 16-ounces of sanitizer for free to customers with to-go purchase including food and alcoholic beverages.

Mar 26,2020

Assisting Maui's most at-risk essential workers, Maui Brewing Co./Kupu Spirits is offering sanitizer to first responders, healthcare, and non-profit organizations working with kupuna and keiki.

Mar 25,2020

MBC's Kupu Spirits distillery is able to produce sanitizer liquid that is generated during whiskey and gin distillation. MBC has been donating gallon jugs to local first responders, non-profit groups, and organizations in need. They are also filling up to 16oz for customers who purchase takeout from the Maui restaurant locations during this time.

Feb 04,2020

Maui Brewing Co. opened on Jan. 28, 2005, with their 25 employees in their seven-barrel brewhouse in Kahana. Now, with 4 locations and over 800 employees, products are available in 23 states and 3 countries.

Feb 04,2020

MBC brews "light" beers and seltzers, giving consumers options if they’re trying to drink something a little healthier.

Feb 04,2020

In a survey which analyzed data on over 2,200 breweries across the country, Maui Brewing Company came in as the most popular brewery in Hawaii, and #109 among other breweries in the country. The data was collected across Followers on social media channels.

Feb 04,2020

Looking to make Hawaiian sweet rolls at home? Enjoy this recipe for the softest, sweetest bread which is best when made with a tropical wheat beer, like Maui Brewing Co.'s Pineapple Mana Wheat.

Jan 13,2020

Food Network's "Top Places to Eat" shares these recommendations for the best plate lunch, shave ice, local fare and more on Maui, including Maui Brewing Company's craft beer and island cuisine.

Jan 09,2020

Hot wings, Barbeque, Teriyaki, Honey, Garlic, Kimchee.... there are many ways to cook chicken wings. Big Seven Travel lists Maui Brewing Company as one of the top 7 places in Hawaii for wings!

Dec 04,2019

A visit to Maui isn't only about the pristine beaches and tropical breezes, it's also about spectacular food and drink. FlightNetwork includes Maui Brewing Company as one of the places you don't want to miss when visiting.

Dec 04,2019

According to, Honolulu is becoming a "true foodie destination". And in saying so, includes Maui Brewing Company Waikiki in their Top 10 Hot Spots to hit for food and drink scene.

Nov 04,2019

Snorkeling, surfing, sunsets, luaus... among the many things to do in Wailea, don't forget to stop and have a craft beer at Maui Brewing Co.

Oct 16,2019

Maui Brewing Company is leading the way into a sustainable future by becoming the first grid independent brewery in the United States.

Oct 13,2019

From its humble beginnings to multi chain full service restaurants, Maui Brewing Company offers pub food options like pizzas, nachos, and wings, and also plate dinners of fish tacos, chicken katsu sandwiches, and burgers, all which can be savored with craft beers or handcrafted cocktails.

Sep 17,2019

Offering ample space, great food and craft beverages, entertainment, and more, Maui Brewing Company is available to host your small or large party.

Sep 05,2019

Hawaii's craft beverage market is bustling with new and old breweries and distilleries. Food and beverage guide, Kait Hanson, selects her Top 10 favorites, which includes Maui Brewing Co. and Kupu Spirits!

Aug 20,2019

Initially available only in Hawaii, Maui Brewing Company has added ready-to-enjoy canned cocktails and will be adding Hard Seltzer to their product offerings.

Aug 20,2019

MBC's 1.2MW array of solar panels covering the roof, awning, and carports will help propel the company to be grid-independent by the end of 2019; thus helping the company with long-term benefits of planning and predicting energy costs and therefore creating a competitive advantage.

Aug 08,2019

Find the perfect restaurant for every situation in "The Infatuation", a guide prepared in partnership with the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

Aug 08,2019

When on Oahu, check out the plethora of craft breweries, including Maui Brewing Co. in the Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger hotel - just one of their two locations on this island.

Jun 28,2019

Today marks the launch of Maui Brewing Company's newest line extension, ready-to-enjoy canned cocktails under the brand name, Kupu Spirits. “The name Kupu Spirits was chosen to symbolize the brand as part of the natural growth of Maui Brewing Company,” said Garrett Marrero, co-founder and CEO of Maui Brewing Company and Kupu Spirits.

Jun 26,2019

Promoting craft beer events is one of the very best ways to share American culture overseas. Craft brewers put on a good face for America - one that beer enthusiasts are looking for, welcoming a much needed change from a generation ago.

Jun 20,2019

From brownies and cookies to ice cream, creative chefs continue to find delicious ways to add beer to their dessert recipes.

Jun 20,2019

Craft beer enthusiasts and solar energy supporters from around the country cast over 13,000 votes across the six-week competition, and crowned Maui Brewing Company as "America's Favorite Solar Craft Brewery" in the Regional Breweries category.

Jun 04,2019

Installing solar technologies, energy storage, biodiesel and other emerging technologies allows Maui Brewing Co. to quickly approach 100% renewable in its energy use, saving money and making its business more resilient.

May 29,2019

Pursuing investments that can make its existing brewing equipment more efficient for increased production, Maui Brewing Co. looks to helping reduce waste and increase labor efficiency without the added uncertain tariffs from overseas equipment purchases.

May 10,2019

The grand re-opening ceremony of Outrigger's Waikiki Beachcomber hotel included "The Originals" - the artisans and tastemakers - setting the property apart. The inclusion of MBC's anchor restaurant which features island brewed craft beers and cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients adds enjoyment for the tastebuds as well.

May 07,2019

Maui Brewing Co.'s flagship Coconut Hiwa Porter makes Thrillist's list of Best Summer Beers 2019. "At the very least, this goes well with s’mores around your campfire."

May 07,2019

Maui Brewing Co. offers 4 full-service restaurant locations across both Maui and Oahu, one of which is located at the Maui (Kihei) brewery where you can also enjoy daily tours and more! Book your tour online!

Apr 12,2019

'Ono Food - craft beer and craft cocktails - live music - Family-friendly - Games! Star Advertiser's Pau Hana Patrol popped into MBC Waikiki to review our Happy Hour ("Pau Hana") specials, and had amazing things to say! Cheers and Beers!

Apr 10,2019

Maui Brewing Company is proud to support the Brewers Association in placing the independent craft beer seal on all of our packaging, menus, website, and more. If you support craft beer, be sure to "Seek The Seal".

Apr 04,2019

Brewer Morgan Banning sits down with MBC's Founder, Garrett Marrero, for an in-depth conversation on what it takes to open and run a craft brewery in today's beer environment.

Mar 18,2019

Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger, home to Maui Brewing Company - Waikiki, is putting their final touches on their renovation. MBC Waikiki is very excited to partner with local artists by bringing Hawaiian culture to the hotel. It's all about "craft".

Mar 06,2019

Maui Brewing Company's investment in solar power not only reduces recurring energy costs but also decreases the brewery’s carbon footprint. Currently operating off 80% solar power, the company plans to be grid-independent in the very near future.

Jan 29,2019

Maui Brewing Company, Hawaii's largest craft brewery and Hawaii's most sustainable brewery, is slated to be running solely on renewable energy by the end of 2019.

Jan 24,2019

Flight delays, security slow-downs, getting bumped - all of these add to flight travel stress. Matador Network provides a list of Airline's best cocktails to order or create while traveling, including Maui Brewing Co. offerings on Hawaiian Airlines.

Jan 08,2019

Maui Brewing Company's fourth location opened in Kailua (Oahu) last week. With patio and indoor dining areas in the restaurant and a small bar area, visitors can expect much of the same from MBC - great beers, locally sourced ingredients, and another wonderful atmosphere.

Jan 04,2019

Maui Brewing Company opens its Kailua (Oahu) location on Friday, January 5th following construction delays.

Nov 30,2018

Canadian writer, Bianca Bujan toured Maui's culinary scene including farm-to-table and handcrafted beverage options. Included in her review are "must-try" recommendations at each of these 8 locations.

Nov 07,2018

Maui Brewing Co. make the list of 25 guided tours which provide an interesting glimpse into US and Canada's most exciting food and drink cultures.

Oct 18,2018

Maui Brewing Company's renewable energy efforts, including photovoltaic, recycling, and recovering CO2, helps more than just the brewery, it has purpose for the island's future.

Oct 15,2018

A visit to Maui captured the attention of runner and blogger, Matt Rasmussen. In his latest blog, he features the collaboration brew between MBC and his hometown Portland brewery, Breakside, called Laulima Belgian IPA.

Oct 06,2018

Pretzels, brats, and of course Bier! That's how Maui Brewing Company celebrated the annual Oktoberfest, but with a twist on the legendary German event. Chef Terry Lynch and his team whipped up a tasty buffet with island-styled flair and flavors.

Oct 04,2018

Hawaii continues to lead in reducing emissions including being listed as first in the nation for the use of rooftop photovoltaic systems. But there are challenges including market disruptions. In Maui Brewing Company's efforts to reduce their carbon footprint the goal is to become grid independent in 2019.

Sep 13,2018

On a recent trip to Maui, award winning marketing professional, Dan Hooper had a chance to catch up with MBC's Founder & CEO, Garrett Marrero, to ask about craftbeer, Maui Brewing Co., the industry, and more!

Aug 28,2018

While not the first brewery to open on the islands, Maui Brewing Company has set the tone for craft brewing in the 21st century. Based on Maui, with its production brewery, full service restaurant and tasting room in Kihei, as well as restaurants in Lahaina (Maui) and Waikiki (Oahu), MBC is available in 23 states and 10 international countries.

Aug 22,2018

As Second Chance Beer Company celebrates their third year, Maui Brewing Company teamed up with them to collaborate on a special anniversary Imperial Pilsner infused with Jasmine Flowers. Both companies share a love for the planet and are both known for challenging traditional brewing expectations.

Aug 22,2018

As part of The Brewers Association international outreach, Maui Brewing Company joined a handful of craft breweries for a food and beer pairing to create a strong argument for American craft beer’s place in the United Kingdom.

Aug 09,2018

From north to south and east to west, there are plenty of great craft breweries popping up. The dissection of awards, beers and brewery reviews, customer and expert opinions were considered to create this list of which brewery to visit in each of the 50 states. Maui Brewing Co. comes in on this list with some uber breweries across the nation to make top billing for Hawaii.

Jul 06,2018

Among small towns, art-filled hotels, and the world's largest dormant volcano, Maui Brewing Company is listed as one of 17 "unexpected experiences" on the Valley Isle.

Jul 02,2018

Maui Brewing Co.'s Coconut Hiwa Porter listed in top 10 of Vine Pair's "25 Best Beers of Summer 2018".

Jun 28,2018

Using renewable energy sources, such as solar, reduces a brewery's energy costs and their environmental impact. Maui Brewing Co. is just one of those breweries working on sustainability which is good for their bottom line as well as the community.

Jun 19,2018

Using locally sourced ingredients, Maui Brewing Company makes list of best restaurants that caters to families with good food and good vibes.

Jun 19,2018

From using reclaimed or treated water and recovering CO2 to the full array of rooftop solar, Maui Brewing Company expects to achieve its grid independence by early 2019.

Jun 01,2018

Outside the confines of SAVOR, one of the nation’s premier beer and food pairings events which draws over 80 breweries under the roof of the National Building Museum, there is a lot of beer to enjoy in DC. Many of the breweries at SAVOR don’t distribute in DC, so this is your chance to see what’s the big deal is.

Jan 01,1970

Favorite summer time brews from each US state, compliments of the craft brewing revolution. Maui Brewing Company's Coconut Hiwa Porter outshines in Hawaii.

May 18,2018

The Brewers Association's Independent Craft Brewer seal is becoming more important for craft brewers in the age of consolidation by conglomerates. Ninety four percent of Hawaii's independent breweries have adopted the seal for their usage to help consumers identify locally owned and brewed brands.

May 17,2018

20 Maui food vendors cooking up tasty pairings for 90 coveted craft selections from 45 breweries, live music and a lovely venue, all to benefit Maui Arts & Cultural Center programs.

May 14,2018

From tanks to cans, Maui Brewing Co.'s Founder, Garrett Marrero, describes how steel tariffs impact brewery production costs which may be passed on to consumers.

Apr 05,2018

Maui Brewing Company's Founder and Owner, Garrett Marrero, is a semi-finalist in the 2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Greater LA Program. Nominated by a long-time customer and friend, Marrero was recognized for his vision , ingenuity, and creativity.

Mar 16,2018

Maui Brewing Company among the many Hawaiian Craft Brewers Guild makes wave a state legislature.

Mar 08,2018

Garrett Marrero turned his dream into reality by creating Maui Brewing Company with his then girlfriend, Melanie Oxley. In this blog, he speaks about the future of MBC and his predictions on the industry of craft brewing.

Mar 05,2018

Elev8 Hawaii reviews MBC's Waikiki location in their "On the Go Again" feature.

Feb 28,2018

“It’s been a part of the vision for our brewing headquarters for a long time,” said founder and CEO Garrett Marrero. The newest restaurant opened February 4th, and has been serving their innovative craft beers as well as handcrafted cocktails with island cuisine.

Feb 23,2018

Hawaii Public Radio's Community Profile on Maui Brewing Co. Cheers!

Feb 19,2018

Paste Magazine's Jim Vorel lists the top 78 Porters under 8% ABV in a blind-tasting. Maui Brewing Company's Coconut Hiwa Porter comes in at #14. Cheers!

Feb 13,2018

From exclusively vegan cafes to family-friendly favorites with something for everyone, Maui Surfer Girls recognize Maui's best vegetarian menus across the island by geography, and include Maui Brewing Company's new Kihei location in their list.

Jan 22,2018

The Hale ‘Aina Gold Winner for Best Beer Program distributes its beer to 23 states and nearly a dozen countries.

Dec 20,2017

Maui Brewing Co. is focused on environmental stewardship, committing to sustainable practices throughout its business. In partnering with Malama Maui Nui, the brewery donates old grain bags to be repurposed as trash bags for community cleanups throughout Maui County. Brewery team members also worked on this year's "Get the Drift and Bag It" campaign, and MBC offered its trash container as a drop-off location.

Dec 11,2017

Travel + Leisure Magazine's writer, Ray Isle, names his favorite breweries, wineries and distilleries in each of the 50 states, and names MBC as Hawaii's location.

Dec 07,2017

"Spotlight on Business" Magazine caught up with MBC Founder & CEO, Garrett Marrero, to discuss MBC's "authentic approach to brewing beer in such a unique location".

Nov 27,2017

In an effort to introduce their readers and followers to the brains behind Maui's local craft industry, Maui Craft Tours interviewed MBC CEO & Founder, Garrett Marrero.

Oct 23,2017

MBC's Co-founder and COO, Melanie Oxley, shares insights on employee retention in the Sept/Oct edition of The Brewer Magazine.

Oct 23,2017

Not sure which Hawaiian island to visit? From amenities and activities to adult beverages, Lila Reed breaks down why Maui is an island for everyone.

Oct 16,2017

As part of Stone Brewing’s distributing division, Maui Brewing Company will donate a portion of its sales throughout the month of October to benefit those affected by the devastation of the Northern California fires.

Oct 03,2017

Craft breweries attract visitors and residents who appreciate creative, quality brews fresh off the tap, and who want to raise their glass to the craft beer culture with like-minded aficionados.

Aug 21,2017

While there are many cool things to do on Maui, "Jetsetter" magazine shares their 9 favorites, which includes drinking local craft beer from Maui Brewing Co.

Jul 28,2017

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including happy hour discounts, stopping into Maui Brewing Co. Waikiki is a must for your "perfect day" in Honolulu.

Jul 18,2017

Selected for its flagship and limited release brews, as well as their Island Root Beer, voters across the island chose MBC as the "2017 Best Locally Made Drinks" in the annual MauiTime poll.

Jul 18,2017

VinePair drank through as many summer beer release beers as they could, including Maui Brewing Co.'s Mango Hefeweizen, to set up an official guide to the "25 best summer beers of 2017".

Jun 21,2017

With over 34 rotating specialty brews to choose from, sampling via a flight is a great way to try Maui Brewing Co. beers beyond the flagship brews. Available in both Maui locations.

Jun 12,2017

Reader's Digest prepared a list of the "Best Craft Beers" from each of the 50 states. Maui Brewing Company's Bikini Blonde Lager made the cut to represent the aloha state.

Jun 06,2017

How entrepreneurs deal with adversity clearly defines one's level of success. For MBC owners, Garrett and Melanie, their resilience was a fight to be successful for all of those who supported their endeavor and a mission to never give up.

Jun 05,2017

The Brewers Association hosted its 10th Annual SAVOR: An American Craft Beer and Food Experience event June 3rd-4th. A total of 86 breweries participated by pouring two different beers, each paired with a different food item. The event has come to be known as "one of the most elegant beer festivals in the world".

Jun 01,2017

At a recent awards banquet, Hawaii Governor David Y. Ige congratulated Maui Brewing Company owners, Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley, on their U.S. SBA "National Business Person(s) of the Year" award.

May 24,2017

It wasn't quick, pain-free, or easy, but Maui Brewing Company's founders, Garrett and Melanie stuck with it, and are reaping the rewards of their hard work and dedication.

May 23,2017

When on Maui, Daryl of "The Sodafry" recommends a visit to Maui Brewing Company, taking a tour, and tasting "the most Hawaiian root beer I’ve had."

May 19,2017 picks their top 50 US beers for this year's American Craft Beer Week, and includes Maui Brewing Co.'s Coconut Hiwa Porter.

May 16,2017

From the location, size, and view of the facility to the craft beers and locally-sourced ingredients, Maui Brewing Company's Waikiki is a great place to have pau hana (happy hour) according to Hawaiian Airlines.

May 05,2017

To own and run a small business, you have to be "willing to give it 110% every day," states MBC's owner, Garrett Marrero. That sweat and hard work paid off last week when the owners were recognized by the US SBA as the "2017 National Small Business Person(s) of the Year".

May 04,2017

Maui Brewing Company was one of the first craft breweries to package their product in cans. Now, there's a plethora of breweries who see the environmental and economical value in this choice.

May 04,2017

Headquartered in Kihei, Maui Brewing Co. started as a small seven-barrel brewpub with the help of SBA financing. It is currently Hawaii's largest craft beer producer.

May 04,2017

The consistent growth in size, scale, and scope of business earned the Maui Brewing Co. national recognition. The Small Business Administration this week awarded the owners "2017 National Small Business Persons of the Year."

May 03,2017

Owners of the largest craft brewery in Hawaii were awarded the SBA's highest honor on Monday as the "2017 National Person(s) of the Year".

May 02,2017

The U.S. Small Business Administration recognized husband-and-wife business partners Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley during an awards ceremony Monday in Washington, D.C., among entrepreneurs from across the country.

May 02,2017

Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon honored Maui Brewing Company's CEO and President, Garrett Marrero, Monday with the "2017 National Small Business Person of the Year Award".

May 02,2017

A week after being selected as Hawaii’s small-business person(s) of the year by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Hawaii district office, Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxleyo received the national award for "Small Business Person(s) of the Year".

May 01,2017

On May 1st, MBC's owners were awarded the USSBA's "2017 National Person(s) of the Year" title. The Brewers Association highlighted the honor received by one of its own. Garrett Marrero has served on the BA's Board of Directors for two years.

May 01,2017

Maui Brewing Co. among the list for Thrillist Magazine's Food & Drink section's "Best Craft Beer Breweries in Every US State".

Apr 27,2017

"As the top small business in Hawaii, Maui Brewing will represent Hawaii in the national competition in Washington, D.C. as SBA kicks off National Small Business Week on Sunday and Monday."

Apr 24,2017

Wondering about trying MBC's first pub on Oahu? Wonder no more. This blog review covers the beer, the food, the location, the music and more offered at Maui Brewing Company Waikiki.

Apr 21,2017

Although a collection of small islands, Hawaii's is gaining craft beer breweries regularly. Here are the 4 "Must Visit" breweries across the islands according to American Craft Beer.

Apr 14,2017

Greg Knue of the Bank of Hawaii sponsored Melanie Oxley and Garrett Marrero for the Best of Small Business/SBA Awards, and it paid off. The pair won "Person(s) of the Year" Award for their growth in business, using local ingredients whenever possible and maintaining 100% of their craft beer production locally, all while striving to become totally energy independent.

Apr 05,2017

Over 60 entrepreneurs and 2 county representatives attended the event in which four small business owners from across Maui County, including Maui Brewing Co.'s Founder and CEO Garrett Marrero, presented to attendees the need to follow your personal dream and stay true to your own passion as a business owner.

Mar 30,2017

From inception to packaging to tastings, Maui Brewing Company brewery tours packs information as well as souvenirs into their tours.

Mar 30,2017

The addition of in-house hand-toasted coconut lends a delightful and distinct tropical aroma that carries through into the flavor.

Mar 16,2017

For remaining steadfast in maintaining 100% of their craft beer production locally, using local ingredients whenever possible, while striving to become totally energy independent by the end of 2017, and for generously supporting local farmers and non-profits, the Small Business Persons of the Year Award for Hawaii is well-deserved by Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley.

Mar 10,2017

From Maui to Oahu to Big Island and beyond, Hawaii is turning into a craft brew lovers paradise.

Mar 09,2017

Maui is home to several companies that produce island-made craft beer, wine, and spirits. Paste Magazine shares 5 local places to enjoy Maui’s liquid ag offerings.

Mar 09,2017

In case you've heard otherwise, Maui Brewing Company has not sold out. We are still a small, traditional, and INDEPENDENT craft brewery, operating 100% in Hawaii, and owned by community leaders Garrett Marrero and Melanie Oxley.

Mar 06,2017

Looking to try Maui's locally-produced brews? Look no further than Maui Brewing Co. in Kihei and Kahana.

Feb 20,2017

The Grand Wailea, Fairmont Kea Lani and Old Lahaina Luau are just a few places on Maui to taste special brews from Maui Brewing Co.

Feb 17,2017

Maui Brewing Company's Pineapple Mana Wheat is basically the beer-drinker’s mimosa.

Feb 16,2017

Predicted to become Oahu's new hot spot for residents and visitors, visit Maui Brewing Co. on the Waikiki strip for a strong menu of culinary cocktails, island brewed craft beer, pub grub and full entrees.

Feb 08,2017

SF Bay Area reporter, Jim Gladstone, finds himself on Maui over a rainy weekend. Making the most of the trip, read about his visits to a few of Maui's craft distilleries.

Feb 03,2017

Take the escalators from the Kalakaua Avenue and Duke’s Lane entrance in the Holiday Inn Beachcomber to experience Maui Brewing Co.'s new Waikiki Pub on Oahu.

Feb 01,2017

Maui Brewing Co.'s first Oahu Brewpub opened on January 31st. This Pacific Business News article provides a quick snap shot of our new digs.

Jan 31,2017

Maui Brewing Company’s Waikiki Brewpub will allow Waikiki visitors and locals to enjoy not only the full lineup of flagship beers (Big Swell IPA, Bikini Blonde, etc.), but craft beers previously poured only at its Kihei brewery. The menu shows emphasis on locally sourced products, and some dishes incorporate Maui Brewing Co. beer.

Jan 17,2017

The use of solar and other renewable energy sources will result in significant cost savings for the brewery and help the environment in the process. We are proud to be recognized worldwide for quality and innovation.

Jan 06,2017

"I feel lucky enough to be doing something similar now at Maui Brewing Company Restaurants, with some very good friends,” Chris Thibaut says.

Jan 06,2017

DRAFT’s editors taste dozens of beers each week. These were their five favorites for the first week of the new year.

Dec 30,2016

"In the end it again goes back to quality and transparency, connecting with your fans and craft beer drinkers as a whole," states MBC's Founder.

Dec 29,2016

Brewmaster Kim Brisson-Lutz weighs in on what she may be drinking this New Year's Eve.

Dec 02,2016

MBC's Belgian inspired ale brewed with coriander and local citrus received a "90" Rating from Judge Randy Scorby at The Beer Connoisseur. Cheers!

Nov 25,2016

Racers participate in 16th annual Paddle for Hunger to benefit Maui Food Bank. Funds and food raised will provide 33,400 meals for needy Maui County residents.

Nov 23,2016

Discover which beer is most famously brewed in your state. MBC is Hawaii's largest craft brewery, operating 100% in Hawaii.

Nov 16,2016

Maui Brewing Co. entered the Ohio-Indiana markets this past July. Taste aloha in every sip, and experience Hawaii any time, any place.

Nov 04,2016

Maui Brewing Company's Limited Release hybrid IPL combines the hop aroma of an IPL and a clean lager flavor.

Nov 03,2016

With November being the perfect time to explore the world of dark beers, try a good coconut-flavored beer this International Stout Day - the first Thursday of November.

Oct 27,2016

We've heard it described many ways, but "as mouthwatering as Halloween candy" is a new one. Try our Coconut Hiwa Porter this Halloween.

Oct 19,2016

From Gose to Fruit Beers, from Lagers to Brown Ales, industry professionals provide opinions on the most overrated and underrated beer styles.

Oct 11,2016

Maui Brewing Co.'s Imperial Coconut Porter Wins Coveted Brewing Honor in Field Beer

Aug 17,2016

We agree that beer is "so much more than just a breakfast drink"! Alexandra Mitchell includes her favorite menu items from our brewpub.

Sep 08,2016

Competitive outrigger canoe paddler, Arianna Gerry, knows a good, craft brew tastes great post-race.

Aug 26,2016

A variety of craft beers and ono food puts Maui Brewing Co. on any traveler's list for best happy hours on Maui.

Aug 08,2016

"With a shared culture of surf, sand, beaches and sun, the Southern California area was the perfect place to start to gain a foothold on mainland sales."

Jul 22,2016

"Behind the beer is a lot of local love, including more than 20 ingredients sourced from the islands."

Jul 15,2016

Hawaii manufacturers are taking pride in claiming their "Made in Hawaii" status.

Jul 13,2016

A dark porter may not be your go-to beer for summer, but don't rule out those "campfire classics".

Jul 01,2016

Maui Brewing Co. announced Thursday it has partnered with Cavalier Distributing, making their beer available in Indiana and Ohio.

Jun 24,2016

During hot weather La Perouse is about as refreshing and thirst-quenching as you can get.

Jun 13,2016

While it’s true that there’s a beer for every season, beer and summer go together best.

Jun 06,2016

There is nothing permanent in this world except for change. Even branding and packaging needs to change to survive — to pique and keep our interest as consumers.

Jun 08,2016

The new website, revamped by Webmaster Services Hawaii, has the latest information about the beers, the brewpub and events.

Jun 03,2016

Maui Brewing Co. infuses its Pineapple Mana Wheat beer with Maui Gold Pineapple juice.

Apr 01,2016

Vacationing to Hawaiʻi? Love craft beer? If you answered yes, then you’re in luck because Hawaiʻi’s craft brewing scene is full of amazing breweries producing world-class beers.

Mar 30,2016

Maui Brewing Co puts an island spin on rich, roasted porter.

Jun 13,2015

What goes well with sandy beaches, ocean breezes, and life? BEER.

Feb 26,2016

Tasting an oaky wine straight from the barrel or a hoppy beer perfectly poured from the keg will always be an experience unlike anything from a can or a bottle.

Feb 02,2016

In 2005, the Maui Brewing Co.began its quest to brew handcrafted ales and lagers using the finest ingredients and is Hawaii's largest craft brewery.

Aug 20,2015

Just ten years after opening Maui Brewing Company in the corner of a Kahana strip mall, Garrett Marrero and wife Melanie Oxley have transformed their modest craft beer operation into the largest craft brewery in Hawai‘i.

Jul 19,2015

Here in the USA we might have our differences, but there’s one thing everyone can agree on: beer is wonderful. Well, actually, there are the people who don’t drink beer for religious reasons

Jun 17,2015

Even though we enjoy warm weather year-round in Hawaii, summer in particular invokes thoughts of ice-cold refreshing drinks.

Jul 04,2015

Breweries from China to the Czech Republic sent in almost 4,000 beers and ciders representing 90 different styles for the 2015 U.S. Open Beer Championship.