We are happy to show you when you pick up your keg. When operating your tap, the main thing to remember is “don’t over-pump.” Pump the tap just a couple of times with the faucet open until you get a nice steady flow, then stop pumping, so beer doesn’t get foamy.… Read More

All kegs will be cold at the time of pickup. Ideally, you should keep the kegs cold to maintain proper pouring. A plastic tub, or trash bin, filled with ice is recommended for keg storage and serving. A tap is required to pour. If you are using equipment such as a kegerator follow the manufacturer’s… Read More

Short-term keg for special events must be returned within 7 days. Long-term kegs for a local personal draft system (kegerator) must be returned within 90 days and require a valid Hawaii Driver’s License and proof of local Maui residency.… Read More

A small 5.16 gallon keg will have approximately 41 16oz, 55 12oz, or 73 9oz servings. A large 13.2 gallon keg will have approximately 106 16oz, 141 12oz, or 188 9oz servings.… Read More