Kōkua Session IPAs Brewed Across the Globe Benefit Short- and Long-term Maui Wildfire Relief

Kihei, Hawaii (December 21, 2023) – In response to the wildfire tragedies across the island of Maui, Maui Brewing Company spearheaded the Kōkua Project, a collaborative beer effort inspired by Sierra Nevada’s Resilience project of 2018 to raise money for those in need. Translated as “extending help to others” in the Hawaiian language, the Kōkua Project was touted as “one beer, brewed by many, to support the people of Maui”. Over 700 breweries across the United States and internationally participated in the project which began in late August to raise funds for the people of Maui.

While Maui Brewing Company coordinated the efforts and provided the recipe for their suggested brew, brewing material partners jumped in with support by donating the yeast, hops, malts, and more to breweries that reached out for supplies. Ongoing email marketing kept brewing participants up-to-date on recipes, participating vendors, foundation information, events, marketing assets and logos, tap handles, and merchandising kits.

“From New Zealand to Japan and every US state in between, the brewing community has come together in a powerful and humbling way to support the people of Maui,” said Maui Brewing Company Founder and CEO, Garrett Marrero. “As one beer, brewed by many, Kōkua supports our Maui ‘Ohana who have been affected by the tragic wildfires. We are grateful to every brewery who has participated this year.”

Maui Brewing partnered with Global Empowerment Mission to facilitate the fiscal responsibilities for the Maui Brewing Company Fire Fund. While participating breweries were encouraged to send their donations to GEM, some breweries opted to donate to Hawaii Community Foundation, Makai Foundation, or other legitimate non-profit organizations including Legacy of Aloha. Legacy of Aloha benefits Maui Brewing and TS Restaurants teammates that have been displaced and lost their belongings and livelihoods. The two restaurant groups partnered for the largest impact. Across these collaborative efforts, the beer community has raised $3M for Maui’s relief efforts with $1.5M pledged through the Kōkua Project.

President and CEO of Maui Brewing Co. Restaurants, Chris Thibaut sent the update, “We’re stoked to share that we’ve hit the $1.77M mark through the Legacy of Aloha program! The amount of support and aloha our community has shown these past few months has been truly amazing. Huge Mahalo for making a real difference in the lives of our Maui ‘Ohana!” The financials provided by Legacy of Aloha did not only include brewery contributions from the Kōkua Project.

The Maui Brewing Company team led by Garrett Marrero have been providing ongoing support to Maui, also facilitating supply missions, collecting vital items for the survivors, and delivering emergency drinking water to communities affected by the wildfires. As a result earlier this month, the brewing trade publication Brewbound announced their Best of 2023 Award Winners. Marrero was presented with the Person of the Year Award for “exemplifying the spirit of the craft brewing industry”.

Beer lovers and those looking to support Maui’s relief efforts can donate directly to the Maui Brewing Company Fire Fund online HERE.

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